The Children’s Heart Association

In November 2017 a cheque was given to the Children’s Heart Association to pay for 10 CoagUCheck machines! Money was raised at Newark and Newbury 2017 so a huge thanks to all of our festival goers who helped us achieve this. A further donation was made in 2019.

Lisa Welsh from the Children’s Heart Association said, ‘We are absolutely made up to receive such a large cheque from Retro Festival. 100% of our monies raised goes straight on the children. We are all volunteers so we know exactly where this money is going. We are looking at buying some more Coag machines so the children can take their blood tests at home instead of coming into the hospital everyday. Such a small thing like that can make such a huge difference to a child’s life.’

Please check out the Children’s Heart Association’s website at for more information on what they do.