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Zoot Money and his Big Roll Band

Five decades in the entertainment business from his groundbreaking R&B show in the Sixties to the present day, Zoot Money has been a formidable contributor to the British music scene maintaining a career as a classic R&B singer and keyboard player. He was very popular at the Ricky Tick Club back in the day and we’re delighted that he’ll be joining us on the Ricky Tick Stage this year.

He began his early career fusing R&B with jazz when he teamed up with guitarist Andy Summers (Police), tenor sax player Nick Newall and drummer Colin Allen to form the Big Roll Band, bringing a fresh sound to the R&B scene. Since his early days with Alexis Korner, Zoot has featured with The Animals and the Alan Price Band plus its offshoot, The Electric Blues Company. In recent years he’s played in partnership with (amongst many others) Spencer Davis and the late Dick Heckstall-Smith, as well as Georgie Fame, Mick Taylor, Pete York and GoodMoney (formerly Thunderclap). 2006 has seen the birth of a new R&B “supergroup”, the British Blues Quintet featuring Zoot’s talents alongside Colin Allen, Colin Hodgkinson, Miller Anderson and Maggie Bell. Check their official website out at

Zoot’s songwriting credits include songs for Lulu and Long John Baldry, as well as Jimmy Witherspoon (It Never Rains But It Pours). Zoot produced the Tutti Frutti album from the television series of the same name in 1985 – the show which launched the careers of Robbie Coltrane and Emma Thompson. Soon after this he used his experience and knowledge to assist in the development of Melody FM, sadly now defunct. More recently Zoot produced Ruby Turner’s album Call Me By My Name and Woodstock Taylor’s debut CD Road Movie.

Alongside this rich and varied music career, Zoot has regularly been seen on our television screens. In addition to many commercials, he has appeared in Eastenders, Londons Burning, The Bill, The Professionals, The Piglet Files and Get Back (the BBC series that featured Ray Winstone in his only sitcom).

Today Zoot’s huge talent continues to bring his own blend of experience and fun to entertain and amuse you. He’s out on the road and ready to continue his affair with R&B …. all you have to do is bring yourself and your time. Enjoy …. you wont regret it.