Sharon Sullivan Northern Soul Dance Workshop

Sharon Sullivan is a professional dance teacher and a lifelong northern soul dancer who in 2008 painstakingly broke down the basic moves and steps so they can be taught to anyone who wants to learn. She can build your confidence so that you can get up and dance, and express yourself through the fantastic music – a very special experience.

Sharon’s passion for Northern Soul began when she was just 15 years old, once she found this music, she was hooked. It was a friend who asked her if she could teach him to dance in the northern soul style, obviously her first reaction was ‘not a chance’, this is not a style that can be taught. Being a dance teacher, she could not resist trying to break down the moves, eventually over 7 months she had broke down and scripted some basic moves and was able to teach them. Since then Sharon has taught hundreds of people and very sucessfully too. Sharon continues to strive to keep the scene alive and fresh, keeping people dancing and introducing new people to the scene.

Teaching the Dance – Keeping the Faith