12/13/14 June 2020



7/8/9 Aug 2020

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The Rockets Childrens Motorcycle Display Team

Newbury – Saturday and Sunday in the Arena

The Team Green Rockets are one of just a handful of children’s Motorcycle Display Teams in the world!

They were formed in January 2018 when several children left another motorcycle display team and came together to create something very exciting, entertaining and with a vision.

Combining adrenaline-fuelled stunt action, this talented troupe of young boys & girls will astound you with their airborne stunts & formation riding performance. Featuring their very own club mascot “Rocket” the bear bringing this show alive with the audience.

Showcasing skills & ability, the courage of these children will undoubtedly leave the crowds wowed.

If that’s not enough don’t worry they know the importance of fun family entertainment & laughter so have plenty of this too!