7/8/9 June 2019



9/10/11 Aug 2019

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The Starlights

“The Starlights” are a 4-piece band from South Yorkshire playing 50’s jive, jump and Rock n Roll – including tracks from Bill Haley, Larry Williams, Ruth Brown and The Champs. Described by venue promoters and dancers as “a breath of fresh air”, they were formed in 2016 and are becoming well-known on the Rock & Roll club and weekender circuit.

The band features Steve Vajda on vocals/double bass, Penny Millen on sax/vocals, Gary Millen on guitar and Martin Brook on drums.

The Starlights debut CD album “Lucky 13”, which captures their authentic sound of classic 50’s rock and roll, has just been released and is receiving a great deal of airplay on Rock n Roll radio stations.