12/13/14 June 2020



9/10/11 Aug 2019

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The Retrobaits

The Retrobaits are ready to hit the stage to deliver their signature show stopping vintage rock ’n’ roll.

The rockin’ trio played their first gig together in 2014, having performed individually in numerous bands throughout their musical careers. The band consists of David Yates (Guitar & Lead Vocals), Stuart Bates (Double Bass & Backing Vocals) and Darren Webb (Drums & Backing Vocals), being based in Northants, UK.

Their debut album, entitled “Your squeezes don’t leave me” was released in 2016 on the Western Star label and contains thirteen tracks of which eleven are self penned tunes. The album has gained airplay on American, Canadian and European radio programmes, including BBC stations here in the UK.

The band’s musical style has been described in reviews as ‘Neo Rock ’n’ Roll’, raw and 100% authentic, still the same timeless themes of love and betrayal but with 21st century lyrics.