Bo Walton and Red Alert

Bo Walton was born in the little village of Marden in Herefordshire, UK. At the age of 5/6 he began listening to his parents albums of Elvis, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, Billy Fury and Jerry Lee. He formed his first performing band when he was 14, playing mainly pop-rock covers but every now and then dropping in an Elvis or Cochran track and it was quite obvious how much that style of music had influenced him!

Bo started writing songs, accompanying himself on guitar and, one fateful day, met ex-Rockpile bassist John David. John recognized Bo’s vocal talent immediately and the two set about writing and recording their material; material that was influenced by the music John had been playing with Dave Edmunds and the songs Bo had grown up with from those old albums. Through this collaboration, Bo was fortunate enough to have legendary UK guitarists Micky Gee and Mark Knopfler lend their talents to numerous compositions. Bo has also composed works with the likes of Nik Kershaw, Chris Difford, Mark Nevin and Christopher Neil, to name but a few.

Despite being far too young to have witnessed the original rock ‘n’ roll genre firsthand, Bo grew up devoted to it. He all but wore out several of those aforementioned vinyl discs with the enthusiasm he had for emulating every word he heard, especially those from Elvis. Little wonder, then, that when he came of an age to be making music of his own, first and foremost it was the rock ’n’ roll path that he followed…